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A Stylish Home in Less Expense

Everyone wants to have a clean, beautiful and stylish looking home to come back to every day. Especially women pay close attention to decorating their home in new ways. A beautiful looking house makes you feel good as well as attracts your friends and family to visit you more often.

It can sometimes be very cumbersome and expensive to decorate your house. Here are some tips you to do this without spending much money on it.


  1. Flowers

Flowers are one great tool to freshen up you. Either fresh flowers or artificial flowers, they add up to the beauty of your home. You can use flowers to decorate all areas of your house, literally ALL, from bathrooms to kitchen; they give a great stylish look to your place. You can get many designs and colors of fake flowers from any decoration shop easily.

Tip: Add a variety of designs and not to use the same article everywhere.

  1. Neutral paints

Many people regret after painting their house in sharp and funky colors.  Choosing a color that’s highly in trend is fine as long as you don’t mind changing the paint again and again with changing trend. By using neutral tones, you can make your home look stylish for much longer as compared to funky chic colors.

Tip: Always bring home a sample color or big swatch to test the color in your home under your lighting as the paint never looks the same in the store and home.


  1. Update Lampshades

Many people may not notice, but the trend of lampshades also keeps changing. Today round shape lampshades are trending then tomorrow square shaped ones will be inn. Lamp designs also keep getting better and better, but you cannot change your lamps after a short period as it costs a lot. The best way to stay up-to-date in this matter is to keep changing the lampshades according to the trend.

Tip: Use plain or textured shades that match the decoration theme of your entire area.

  1. Keep Changing Throw Pillows

Throw pillows or their cover do not cost much. They can be used to accessorize and brighten your house. You must throw out your old, flattened throw pillows and replace then softer and fuller throw pillows. Or you can just replace the covers with newer, crisper pillowcases to give a new and better look to your room.

Tip: Try mixing and matching designs and colors of pillowcases to make a diverse statement.

  1. Update old fixtures

Fixtures like doorknobs, drawer pullers, and switchboard plates are considered minor while decorating the house but they add up a great deal of difference to it. By updating your old, broken, rusty and stained fixtures, you can bring a lot of style and newness in your house. These inexpensive, minor fix can give a high-end sheen to your home.


It is not necessary that you always have to spend tons of money to upgrade and renovate your house when it starts looking boring to you. By replacing some old things with new and staying updated with the trend in the matter of small things (like mentioned above) you can keep your house looking stylish and trendy.


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