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iPhone new releases 2018 – iPhone XR, iPhone Xs & Xs Max

Either you are an iPhone fan or not, you must have heard much about the new iPhone release by now. Some people may say it’s “way too expensive,” but it is worth buying for so many reasons.

The newest iPhone releases are compliant with its legacy of shocking or you can say amazing the world. The 2018 class of iPhone release is all top-to-bottom screens like last year’s iPhone X.  This year, like never before, Apple has released three iPhone models. Keep reading to find out more about these all new iPhones.

iPhone Xs & Xs Max

In 2017, Apple released iPhone X which was a revolution in the iPhone history. Face ID and top-to-bottom screen phone by Apple completely altered the way iPhone was perceived. Keeping the spark alive, Apple released iPhone Xs (ten-S not excess) & Xs Max with faster face ID. The hardware of both the models is made with custom developed stainless steel and most durable glass ever developed for any smart phone. The wider and sleeker look with the typical iPhone feel gives these phones a great look.

You may get confused by the looks of iPhone Xs as it looks exactly like last year’s iPhone X but if you look closely the upgrades are apparent and bigger enough to make it different from iPhone X. The nice new gold color is a geat addition to the variety but the overall design is same as last year. It is faster and more powerful and offers considerable upgrades such as camera improvements. iPhone Xs camera allows you to change the depth of field after taking the picture. This feature is highly intuitive and fun. Well the new color and upgrades aside, a general perception is that the price is still high.

Coming to iPhone Xs Max, it is an amazing new product that interests many of us, especially the iPhone fans. It has a massive screen with a bigger and more powerful battery. Other featers are quite similar to the iPhone Xs.

Both models use an all new A12 Bionic chip. iPhone Xs & Xs max offer you the best color accuracy and has better loud speaker than older versions of iPhone.









Basically iPhone Xs is a moderate upgrade of iPhone X and the iPhone Xs Max is a bigger version of iPhone Xs. The major difference between both the Xs phones is of screen size and battery. The iPhone Xs battery lasts 30 minutes longer than that of iPhone X and the iPhone Xs Max battery last 90 minutes longer than iPhone X battery.

Note: Both Xs models are now available on pre-order.

Here is a summary of all new Apple iPhone Xs & Xs Max specifications:



Specs iPhone Xs Iphone Xs Max
Screen Size 5.8” Super Retina

All-Screen OLED

6.5” Super Retina

All-Screen OLED

Color Finishing Gold, Space Gray, Silver Gold, Space Gray, Silver
Height 5.65” 6.20”
Width 2.79” 3.05”
Depth 0.30” .030”
Weight 6.24 ounces 7.34 ounces
Operating system iOS 12 iOS 12
Fast Charge Capability Up to 50% charge in 30 minutes Up to 50% charge in 30 minutes
Resolution 2436×1125 pixel at 458 ppi 2688×1242 pixel at 458 ppi
SIM Dual SIM (Nano-SIM & e-SIM) Dual SIM (Nano-SIM & e-SIM)
Main Camera Dual 12MP wide-angle Dual 12MP wide-angle
Front Camera 7MP 7MP
Storage Capacity 64GB, 256GB, 512GB 64GB, 256GB, 512GB
Price (USD) 999, 1149, 1349 1099, 1249, 1449
Price (PKR) 169,999, 189,999, 234,999 184,999, 209,999, 244,999



iPhone XR:

iPhone XR is quite relatable to the old iPhone 5c model. As it is a “cheaper” version of iPhone Xs. Brighter color series make it stand out but the colors are not as attractive as the all new gold color of iPhone Xs and Xs Max.



iPhone XR is less pricy version of all-screen iPhone. It is a representation of the fact that the age of physical home button is over. It is the most suitable model amongst the 2018 class of iPhone releases for those who needed a VISIBLE change in classic iPhone with less costs. iPhone XR is far more affordable as compared to the other 2 releases.

Unsurprisingly, Apple has made some compromises to drop the price. It’s surely not as attractive as iPhone Xs. It has thicker bezels around the screen and the edges and back is not as fine as iPhone Xs. The back is made up of glass. As a standalone device it looks fine and quite like the last year’s iPhone X. It feels a bit chunkier than the other two releases. This new release of iPhone is not an ugly device in anyway.

iPhone XR has a bigger screen of 6.1 inches than iPhone Xs 5.8 inches but Apple chose to use LCD display in this model rather than OLED display to cut down the cost.

iPhone Xr has the weakest camera of all three 2018 releases as it has only one sensor rather than two. Its battery lasts 1.5 hours longer than iPhone 8 Plus, offering up to 25 hours wireless talk time. iPhone XR is also splash, water and dust resistant but not as much as Xs series.

To conclude we can say that iPhone XR is anticipated as the most demanded iPhone model because of its price, as it offers more than enough iPhone specs in less cost.

Note: iPhone XR will be available on pre-booking from October 19, 2018.

Here is a summary of key features of iPhone XR.

Specs iPhone Xr
Screen Size 6.1 inch all screen LCD
Color Finishing Yellow, White, Coal, Black, Blue
Height 5.94 inches
Width 2.98 inches
Depth 0.33 inches
Weight 6.84 ounces
Operating system iOS 12
Fast Charge Capability Up to 50% in 30 minutes
Resolution 1792×828 pixel at 326 ppi
SIM Dual SIM (Nano-SIM & e-SIM)
Main Camera 12 MP wide-angle
Front Camera 7 MP
Storage Capacity 64GB, 128GB, 256GB
Price (USD) 749, 799, 899
Price (PKR) (expected to start from 93,000)


Bottom line:

With the 2018 releases, Apple has officially abandoned the idea of classis with-home-button phones.  Face ID in these phones is better and faster than early release. iPhone Xs is a moderate upgrade of iPhone X with some newer and better features. iPhone Xs max is said to be a bit too big for people who have small hands but the widest iPhone screen of all times is worth the trouble.

iPhone XR at the same time is a great improvisation. It has most features like the Xs series but it mainly lacks at two features, it has only one main camera of 12 MP unlike the two main cameras on the Xs series and it has an LED display instead of OLED display. The hardware is also not as fine as the other two releases. But overall it is a great device, especially in such a small price (starting $749).

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