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Connect with Nature to Heal Your Inner Self

We all feel the need to connect with nature as Mother Nature has its own healing power. We feel this pull, even more, when we feel like coming out of hiding, grounded yet free. In the present era’s busy lifestyle and indoor activities we don’t find enough time to connect with nature very often. It is as essential as drinking water and eating food. You must agree with the fact that during your busy life you find yourself empty, during your routine work or even the long chats at posh cafes. That is the indication from your soul wanting and demanding to reconnect with nature.

Here some are of the simplest ways through which you can connect with nature to deeply heal yourself.

  1. Feel the Earth

Unknowingly we often get separated from the earth that we walk on as it is paved or covered with concrete and carpets. Yoga, running and walking are the grounding activities through which you can reconnect with the earth. So go for a walk on the grass or along the beach barefooted to feel the earth beneath you.

  1. Bring Home Some Flowers

Flowers can help you a lot in connecting with nature. Toss the artificial flower from your vase, bring some fresh, wildflowers and weeds from the outdoors and put inside the vase.

  1. Sit Under the Sky

Make yourself a cup of hot drink of your choice and go outdoors, sit on the balcony or in the front yard. Your mind, body and soul can get tired and bored of always being under the roof. Let yourself feel the nature under the night sky.

  1. Read While Soaking Vitamin D

Every weekend is not supposed to be spent in bed or eating out with friends. Take some time to finish the books that you bought eagerly. Instead of reading your book on the couch or in a warm bed, go outside, lie down on the green grass, feel the healing warmth of sunshine while reading and soak some vitamin D too.

  1. Hear the Sound of Silent Woods

It is said that silence has its own noise. You can only hear this beautiful noise when you connect to nature. Exploring big cities and small towns can be a source of pleasure for many, but try camping in silent woods for a day. Feel the nature profoundly and heal your inner self with the beauty of green trees and the sweet sounds of leaves.

  1. Stargaze Once in a While

Stargazing is so underrated. Most people connect it with romantic gestures only. In reality, stargazing holds a magical, connecting to nature feeling. Find it out yourself by lying down on the grass on a breezy night and just looking at the shiny stars and moon. Take a friend or your special someone with you to share the moment or just enjoy your own company.


Bottom line:

Nature is all around us; we do not always need to go miles and miles far from home to feel its beauty and connect with it. Taking a little time out of our routine errands and connecting with nature can help us deeply cleanse and heal ourselves to become more content and calm as a person.

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