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Ginger, a gift of Nature

Mother Nature has given us countless things to enjoy the taste and take many other benefits from. Fruits, vegetables, roots and herbs there are millions and billions of things that we eat for the sake of flavor and nutrition. Ginger is among the most beneficial spices in the world. It contains many nutrients and bioactive compounds that benefit the human body and brain. Let’s look at some of the greatest health and beauty benefits of ginger:

  1. Anti Aging

Consuming Ginger can be very effective in fighting wrinkles. It is loaded with anti oxidants which reduce toxins from skin cells and help in reducing the appearance of ageing.

  1. Acne & Blemishes

Ginger has great antiseptic and cleansing properties which can help in reducing acne and acne spots. It can minimize acne formation as it kills bacteria and cleanses skin pores deeply.

  1. Reduces Hair Loss

Ginger is one of the most amazing things that help in fighting against hair loss. Ginger extract and ginger oils strengthen your hair roots.

  1. Repairs Damaged Hair

Due to its antioxidant properties, ginger is very effective for repairing split ends and dry hair.  By adding ginger oil in your hair care routine, you can make your healthy, moisturized and strong.

  1. Powerful Medicinal Properties

Ginger has a long history of being used as alternative medicine. It is commonly used to help digestion, fight common cold and flu and also reduce nausea. Ginger also has anti-inflammatory properties as well as antioxidant effects.

Gingerol is ginger oil that has its unique fragrance and flavor. Gingerol is the major bioactive compound of ginger that is responsible for its medicinal properties.

  1. Reduces Muscle Pain & Soreness

Ginger is very effective to reduce exercise-induced muscle pain. Studies have shown that consuming two grams of ginger per day can help muscle pain especially in people who perform elbow exercises.

It may not effect immediately but using it on regular basis can significantly reduce muscle pain and soreness.

  1. Helps with Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a common disease of body joints. It involves degeneration of bones that leads to stiffness and severe pain. Ginger extract can help these symptoms if used regularly. Patients of osteoarthritis, who use ginger extract, have to go through less pain and use lesser medicines for it. Thus elderly people are suggested to consume ginger on daily basis so they do not have to face such problems.

  1. Helps in Maintaining Blood Sugar

In a recent study, it has been proven that ginger contains numerous anti-diabetic properties. Using ginger powder can reduce fasting blood sugar of a diabetic patient. It can also reduce markers of oxidized lipoproteins eventually reducing the risk of heart diseases.

  1. Reduces Menstrual Pain

Many women complain about menstrual pain and cramps. Ginger has been used for decades to help reduce many pains including menstrual pain. It works just like any painkiller drug such as ibuprofen.

Bottom line:

Ginger has countless health and beauty benefits. It can reduce the risk of many serious diseases, and it also keeps you looking beautiful. So add ginger in your food every day to take its full advantage.

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