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How to become a full stack developer

The Full Stack Developer is the most popular profession in the world of programming and developing. The perfect way to adequately describe a full stack developer is through this phrase: Jack of all trades but, master of none. A full stack developer has the necessary know-how of everything but, his knowledge and skills are not proficient enough for him to be called an expert. However, a full stack developer is still considered to be competent and skilled as he can perform a wide range of tasks that an average developer is unable to perform. He can develop a product from start to finish with the help of his knowledge and skills. Due to the reason that the technology has evolved so much, the scope of being a full stack developer has also widened. Gone are the days when having basic knowledge about PHP 4.0 scripts or making web pages with the help of CSS or Adobe were enough to become a full stack developer. Now, you need an entirely different skill set to enter the market as a full stack developer and bag a good paying job. In this post, you will be provided with a definitive guide of what essential skills are required to become and flourish as a full stack developer in the modern era.

Following are the essential skills that are needed to pursue your career as a full stack developer:

Basic Design Skills:

Development skills and design skills go hand in hand now. Many a time you will be faced with such projects where it will be hard to perform a task related to the development of a product if you do not have basic design skills and vice versa. It is not as if you cannot become a full stack developer if you do not have any design skills but, these skills will benefit you a lot. Hence, you need to get a good enough grasp on the basics of designing if you want to achieve those extra brownie points.


Having knowledge and skills regarding databases will help you a lot as you must have a basic know-how regarding saving your work and storing all your data so that you can easily access it later in the future. To become a full stack developer, you need to know about NoSQL Databases, primary web storages, relational databases, and graph databases.

Application Architecture:

You need to be aware of the architecture of your application. This skill will help you in working with highly complicated web designs. The best way to hone your skills regarding the architecture of your website is through the way of practice.

Backend Development:

Without the basic knowledge of back-end development, you cannot be considered a full stack developer. In back-end development, you are taught the underlying programming languages which include JAVA, Ruby, Python, Node.js, and PHP 4.0. The experts recommend that you should only focus on two programming languages and gain expertise in them. However, it is mostly agreed that a full stack developer should have basic knowledge about all the required programming languages.

Frontend Development:

You cannot even be the developer without any knowledge regarding front-end development. In front-end development, you are taught to work with CSS and HTML. You are shown this on your very first day in a web development course. These skills are highly essential to your success as a full stack developer.

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